Mitropolia Olteniei nr: 5-8/2019

201. His Eminence Prof. PhD IRINEU POPA – The Spiritual Ascent on the Scale of the Virtues in the Mystical Thinking of Saint Maximus the Confessor

2. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer PICU OCOLEANU – Depreciative Reception of Theophany from Maglavit (1935) in the Romanian Orthodox Theology. A Critical Evaluation

3. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer CONSTANTIN I. BĂJĂU – Parousia and the Last Judgment in the Chrysostom Sermons

4. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer SERGIU-GRIGORE POPESCU – Notes on the Jitianu Monastery in Dolj County, according to an original document from the Archive of the Archdiocese of Craiova

5. PhD Senior Lecturer Dr. MARIUS TELEA – The Beginnings of Sketic Monasticism in the Time of Saint Macarius of Egypt

6. Fr. Lecturer PhD ION REŞCEANU – Canon and Canonicity in the Bibles of Samuil Micu and Andrei Şaguna Similarities, Differences and Controversies

7. Fr. Lecturer PhD COSMIN SANTI – The Importance of Sources and Juridical Institutions in the Development of the Orthodox Canon Law

8. Fr. GHEORGHE COSTEA – Promoters of Greek Translation in Syriac and Arabic

9. Fr. FLORIN MIHAI ILIESCU – Saint Paul the Apostle, Model for the Christian Missionary

10. Fr. MIRCEA LUCIAN NINCU – The Importance of Knowing the Religious Phenomenon for the Orthodox Mission

11. MARIUS-GHEORGHE TĂNASE – The Symbolism of Blood in Pentateuch

12. MANEA EMIL MARIAN – The Activity of the Romanian Orthodox Clergy as Deputies in the Ad-Hoc Divans and in the Elective Assemblies..

13. ADRIAN LUPU – The Byzantine Writer Nikolaos Mesarites (13th Century) and its Work The Description of the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople