Mitropolia Olteniei nr: 9-12/2020

1. His Eminence Prof. PhD IRINEU POPA – Freedom and Responsibility in Love. Love and Legalism in the Holy Canons

2. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer MARIN COJOC – The Fourth Ecumenical Council – Participants from the Danubian Territorie and Local Resistances

3. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer ADRIAN BOLDISOR – Can We Speak About a “Clash of Civilizations” in the Twenty-First Century?

4. Lecteur enseignant Dr. IULIAN MIHAI L. CONSTANTINESCU – Le saint et grand synode de l’eglise orthodoxe et sa position concernant le terme eglise pour les autres communautes chretiennes

5. Fr. PhD Lecturer IONITA APOSTOLACHE – Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – “Christians before Christ”

6. Deac. PhD Lecturer Dr. MIHAI CIUREA – Faith and Good Works According to the Catholic Epistle of Saint James

7. PhD Lecturer DANIEL LEMENI – St. Anthony the Great and the Beginnings of Christian Monasticism

8. Fr. Assist. PhD MADALIN STEFAN PETRE – Aspects of Eschatological Theology Derived from the Life and Teaching of the Holy Three Hierarchs

9. Fr. Assist. PhD CATALIN CONSTANTIN DAN – Aspects Regarding the Historical and Religious Situation in East in the XV-XVII Centuries

10. ANA-MARIA IANCU (RADULESCU) – In memoriam Metropolitan Nestor Vornicescu Bessarabian Scholarly Clerics Refugees on the Lands of Oltenia: Archimandrite Ioasaf Ganea, Priests: Dr. Leon Iftodi and Acad. Paul Mihail

11. TOMA RADULESCU, Deac. Prof. MIHNEA-CONSTANTIN BALTEANU-POPESCU – New Contributions to the History of the Church „Assumption of the Mother of God” – Mantuleasa from Craiova

12. Fr. PhD MIHAI IORDACHE – Informational Fasting in Patristic Theology and Recent Scientific Research

13. ALEXANDRU NICOLAE AGIGNOAEI – The Tenth Plague, the Passover, and the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt (Exodus, chs. 11-13): an Exegetical, Historical, and Missionary Approach