Ethics and Malpractices

1. Publication and authorship

All papers sent for publication should include professional title, didactic position, institutional affiliation, contact information and email address of the author(s). In order to send a material for publication in the Journal ‘Mitropolia Olteniei’ (MO), one must assume the fact that this material has never been published and neither is sent for publishing anywhere else. It is forbidden to publish the same article under the same title or even under a different title in another journal. 

2. Author’s responsibilities

Authors have complete responsibility for the content of the article. Authors are invited to participate in the peer review process by modifying their original manuscript considering specific recommendations, technical instructions, interpretational issues and providing supplementary references on a recommendation from the reviewers and editors. The editorial board will re-review the texts that are accepted pending revision. The Editorial Board decides acceptance or rejection of a paper, and appeals are not accepted.

3. Editorial responsibilities

Editors have complete responsibility and authority to reject/accept an article. The materials considered outside the publishing purposes announced by our Redaction or with no interest for the readers, will be cancelled from publishing. This situation does not necessarily reflect the quality of the material but the incompatibility with the publishing politics of our Journal. The authors are informed if their texts are submitted for peer-review process.  

4. Plagiarism policy

Plagiarism is forbidden. The Journal „Mitropolia Olteniei” adheres to the international policies against plagiarism. Before submitting articles to reviewers, those are first checked for plagiarism by a member of the editorial team. Editorial Board of the journal will immediately reject papers leading to plagiarism.

5. Open Access Policy

The Journal „Mitropolia Olteniei” offers access to its content only on the basis of prior authentication.

6. Copyright

a. The authors will take into account the compliance for the copyright of the visual materials (e.g. pictures) sent for publishing.

b. The Journal „Mitropolia Olteniei” holds the copyright for the published materials.

c. The authors are have the right to use, partially or totally, the published material for preparing other personal projects: theses, dissertations, or books, by mentioning the coordinates of the original publication.

d. The studies/articles or the translations published in the Journal „Mitropolia Olteniei” can be used in the content of some collective or reverential volumes, edited under the aegis of the Editing Office „Mitropolia Olteniei”.