Mitropolia Olteniei nr: 9-12/2018

1. His Eminence Prof. PhD IRINEU POPA – The Eschatological Dimension of the Church as the Manifestation and Revelation of the Kingdom of God on Earth

2. Pr. Conf. Univ. Dr. NICOLAE RĂZVAN – Sobornicitatea ca unitate a întregului Bisericii în comuniunea aceleiași credințe și spiritualități…

3. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer Dr. PICU OCOLEANU – Ways of Romanian Theology. A Critical Inquiry of the Use of Oswald Spengler’s Concept of „Pseudomorphosis” in the Orthodox Theology

4. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer ADRIAN BOLDIŞOR – Can be Hermeneutics a Current Method in the Study of Religion History

5. Fr. Lecturer PhD ION-SORIN BORA – The Importance of the Temple from Jerusalem for the Author and the Recipients of the Epistle to the Hebrews

6. Deac. Lecturer PhD LUCIAN ZENOVIU BOT – The Experience of the Word in the Old Testament

7. Fr. Prof. PhD EMILIAN DUMITRU PĂUNESCU – The Orthodox Icon – Truth of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ

8. Arhid. Prof. PhD NICUŞOR LĂZĂRICĂ – The Romanian Polyeleos in XIX Century and its Musical Tradition

9. Fr. IULIAN CRAVCENCO – The Accession of Women to Priesthood in the Context of Contemporary Ecumenical Dialogue

10. MANEA EMIL MARIAN – The Romanian Orthodox Church, the Unionist Acts and the Great Powers (1856-1857)

11. Prof. MIHNEA-CONSTANTIN BĂLTEANU-POPESCU – The Church „Saint Old George” from Craiova, a Boyar Foundation – in the Chronicles of Time

12. IONUŢ CIUCĂ – The Role of Church in The Reorganization of Higher Education in Wallachia. Bucharest Princely Academy at the Beginning of XVIII Century