Mitropolia Olteniei nr: 1-4/2018

1. His Eminence Prof. PhD IRINEU POPA – The Most Holy Trinity – the Source of Life and Existence of the Mysterious Body of the Lord

2. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer PICU OCOLEANU – Liberating Spinoza. Short History of an Alternative Reception of Spinoza’s Thought

3. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer ADRIAN BOLDIŞOR – Intensive Moments in the Modern Dialogue between Christians and Muslims

4. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer SERGIU-GRIGORE POPESCU – Oltenian Clerics Participants in the War for the Reunion of our Nation (1916-1918) the Priest Haralambie Baculescu from Câlceşti Parish, Gorj

5. Fr. Lecturer PhD IONIŢĂ APOSTOLACHE – Mystical Witnessing and Ascetical Life in Oriental Theology

6. Restauration expert Lecturer PhD ALEXANDRINA BĂDESCU, Restauration expert MARIA-VALENTINA DUDU – The Technique of Canvas Paintings and…

7. Lecturer PhD ADRIANA GABRIELA MARDALE – Pârvu Mutu – Creator of Church Painting School and ‘Father’ of the Romanian Portraiture

8. ALEXANDRU JIANU, MARIA-MAGDALENA JIANU – Education and Transdisciplinarity. From Loneliness of Today to the Singularity of Tomorrow

9. Deac. Assist. PhD MIHAI CIUREA – Saint Paul in Arabia – Revelation, Mission and Prophecy

10. Assist. PhD VICTOR ŞAPCĂ – Comparative Musical Analysis of a Sunday Hymn, Voice VIII

11. Fr. PhD CONSTANTIN CILIBIA – The Connections of Mircea the Elder with Banat

12. Fr. PhD DANIEL PREOTEASA – The Patriarch Justinian Marina. A Man of Accomplished Deeds (Testimonies from his Writings)

13. Fr. CONSTANTIN MLADIN – The Personality of Patriarch Nicholas I the Mystic of Constantinople and his Work

14. Fr. DANIEL-ALIN IONICĂ – Theology of the Covenant without the Consecrated Technical

15. Drd. ANTONIU TUDOR – La création des conseils départementaux et communaux